Since 2007, Fibratec has targeted delivering innovating products to improve costs, simplify executions and save more than 50% of time when building concrete slabs.

Discover with FIBRATEC world leading products and excellent customer service.

MICRO ALKALI RESISTANT GLASS FIBRES FIBRATEC V-12AM AND V13-MO manufactured in Japan and used to replace steel mesh placed in the upper third area in concrete slabs (V12-AM) and used to replace nets and scrims to prevent cracks in renders, coloured mortars, microcement coatings self-leveling screeds. Invisible on the surface. Fibratec is the exclusive global distributor.
SYNTHETIC MACRO FIBRES BARCHIP BC48, MQ58 AND BC54 WITH Japanese technology used to replace double steel mesh in concrete slabs with structural reinforcement requirements. Fibre free finish using MQ58, unique in the market. Fibratec is the exclusive distributor in Spain.
FIBRATEC-CR SHRINKAGE COMPENSATOR powder additive that allows building jointless concrete pavements up to 15x15m without any cut joint simply combined with V12-AM micro fibre. Helpes to avoid “curling” and “joint openings” when building jointless concrete slabs up to 2500m2.