FIBRATEC was born in 2007 with the aim of incorporating new and high-quality products into the concrete pavement construction industry. With these products we manage to improve the quality of your concrete slabs, lower the cost of their construction and all this, shortening the execution times by more than 50%.

Discover with FIBRATEC world leading products and excellent customer service.

MICROFIBERS VIRIO AR, V12-AM AND V13-MO FIBERS (Alkali resistant) manufactured in Japan for replace electrowelded mesh placed in the upper area of the slab and replace mesh and veils in vertical applications and microcements without leaving a trace on the surface. (Exclusive worldwide distribution)

SYNTHETIC MACROFIBERS BC48, MQ58 AND BC54 from the Japanese company BARCHIP to replace double electrowelded mesh (double mesh) without leaving points on the surface of the slab or guniting in tunnels (Exclusive distribution only in Spain)

FIBRATEC-CR RETRACTION COMPENSATOR ADDITIVE in powder to distance retraction cuts up to 50m in order to make pavements without joints or with fewer cut joints. (Exclusive worldwide distribution)